Cardi B Expresses Profound Gratitude for Megan Thee Stallion Collaboration on 'Bongos' Amidst Musical Comeback

Credit: Cardi B/YouTube

Cardi B has expressed her deep appreciation for Megan Thee Stallion's recent decision to join forces with her on their latest musical endeavor, "Bongos."

During a recent episode of the "Spout" podcast, Cardi openly shared her heartfelt sentiments regarding Megan's choice to collaborate on this particular track.

It's a significant moment, given that this marks Cardi's triumphant return to the music scene after the tumultuous events involving Tory Lanez, who was sentenced to a 10-year prison term in August for the unfortunate shooting incident involving Megan three years prior.

In her candid expression, Cardi conveyed, "I feel very special. I feel really, very like thank you for trusting me. I know what it feels like when you feel like everybody, like, turned your back. Don't ever think it's because you did something wrong. You didn't do anything wrong. People just love something to debate about."

Cardi also unveiled her initial apprehensions about the release of "Bongos." This hesitation stemmed from the fact that it marked a comeback for both Cardi herself and Megan, who had been on a musical hiatus.

Furthermore, Cardi acknowledged the distinct sound of "Bongos," a departure from the typical styles associated with both herself and Megan. She wondered how the audience would receive this musical departure but expressed her exhilaration, remarking, "I just feel like, you know, this is fun; this is good."

The release of "Bongos" last week was historic in its own right, marking the long-awaited reunion of the two Grammy-winning artists since their 2020 chart-topper "WAP."

Their earlier collaboration had made history by debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, a position it maintained for an impressive four consecutive weeks.

Cardi's enthusiasm also extended to her advocacy for women in the hip-hop industry, emphasizing the importance of unity and appreciation for female artists' contributions.

She astutely recognized the competitive nature of the industry and the necessity for individuals to safeguard their own interests.

While Cardi has refrained from releasing a full-length album since her celebrated debut with "Invasion of Privacy" in 2018, "Bongos" represents the latest addition to her repertoire of singles, following the likes of "Hot S---" in 2022 and "Up" in 2021.

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