Lady Gaga Opens Up About Her 9/11 Experience: Reflects on Tragic Events and Pays Tribute to Victims

Credit: Lady Gaga/Instagram

Lady Gaga shared her personal account of the harrowing events that unfolded during the tragic September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, commonly known as 9/11, which targeted the World Trade Center.

The renowned singer disclosed that she witnessed the horrifying incident from the rooftop of her high school when she was just 15 years old.

The 9/11 attacks, orchestrated by Al-Qaeda terrorists, involved the hijacking of two planes that were flown into New York's Twin Towers. This catastrophic event resulted in the collapse of the World Trade Center and the tragic loss of nearly 2,977 lives.

Reflecting on her experience, Lady Gaga remarked, "We were unable to believe the scary unfolding of events."

During an appearance on MTV, the star recounted the moment, saying, "Unable to believe the news on TV, we all went to the rooftop, and one tower had already fallen, and we all saw the other fall in front of our eyes."

Lady Gaga also shared her deep anxiety and distress at the time, as her mother worked in close proximity to the World Trade Center, and she was unable to contact her.

On the anniversary of this tragic event, Lady Gaga paid tribute to the victims of 9/11, emphasizing, "It's a moment to honour New York. It's a moment to come together and realise that New York really is forever changed and will always now be a family."

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