Miley Cyrus Reveals 'Bangerz' Tour Didn't Yield a Penny in Her Pocket - Watch Video

Credit: Miley Cyrus/Instagram

In a refreshing display of candor, Miley Cyrus delves into the complexities of fame, the sacrifices of touring, and the profound importance of self-investment.

Cyrus has been sharing her "Used To Be Young" series on TikTok, a platform she's using to bolster her latest single of the same name.

However, it's the latest episode of this series that provides a candid glimpse into her "Bangerz" tour and the financial realities that accompanied it.

"The Bangerz Tour was an investment in myself," she revealed. "I didn’t make a dime on this tour because I wanted the tour to be excellent."


Used To Be Young (Series) - PART 30

♬ Used To Be Young - Miley Cyrus

Facing skepticism from many who questioned her decision to embark on an extensive tour with seemingly little financial gain, Cyrus stood her ground.

She firmly asserted, "There's no one I would rather invest in than myself." Consequently, she assumed the financial burden to ensure the tour exceeded all expectations, both for herself and her devoted fans.

In her "Used To Be Young" series, Cyrus doesn't shy away from other intriguing aspects of her notorious era, promising to shed light on more captivating moments from her journey.

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