Pink Stands Firm Against Circumcision Protester at San Antonio Concert

Credit: Pink/Instagram

During Pink's recent "Summer Carnival Tour" stop in San Antonio, an unexpected incident took place as the singer confronted a male concertgoer protesting against circumcision.

The 44-year-old star was caught off guard when the man held up a phone displaying a message decrying circumcision as "cruel and harmful."

In a TikTok video from the Monday, September 25 show, Pink responded to the protester, questioning his intentions: "Oh, you're making a whole point right now, aren't you? Do you feel good about yourself?"

Undeterred, the man proudly affirmed his stance, leading Pink to remark, "You spent all this money to come here and do that? I'm gonna have to buy a Birkin bag with that ticket money. Get that s**t out of here."

Despite Pink's confrontation, the protester continued his tirade until security escorted him out of the venue, prompting Pink to express empathy, stating, "I feel bad that he wasted his time tonight."

This incident marks not the first time Pink has faced opposition regarding circumcision, recalling a 2019 incident where she defended her son against online trolls criticizing his lack of a diaper.

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