Tom Holland's Marvel Anxiety Revealed: Spider-Man Star's Fear of Firing After 'Civil War' Debut

Credit: Tom Holland/Instagram

In a candid revelation that has sent shockwaves through the Marvel fan base, Tom Holland recently opened up about one of his darkest fears during his early days in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

During an intimate interview with fellow actor Daniel Kaluuya for Variety's exclusive "Actor on Actor" series, Holland confessed to harboring an "irrational fear" that Marvel Studios would abruptly cut ties with him following his debut performance in "Captain America: Civil War."

The 27-year-old web-slinger, renowned for his portrayal of Spider-Man, recounted the intense and prolonged audition process that preceded his entry into the superhero realm.

"It was seven months of auditioning. I must've done six auditions, and they didn't tell me anything after that," Holland admitted.

His journey to becoming Spider-Man included a nerve-wracking screen test with none other than Robert Downey Jr., who embodies the iconic role of Iron Man/Tony Stark.

Additionally, Holland had to prove his mettle in a screen test for an action sequence with Chris Evans, known as Captain America.

However, the anxiety didn't end there. After making it through the rigorous audition process and securing the role, Tom Holland spent another nerve-racking week filming scenes for his first MCU appearance in "Captain America: Civil War." Yet, despite his best efforts, he was left in a state of uncertainty.

"I'd finished the film, 'Civil War' hadn't come out yet, and I just didn't hear anything from anyone," Holland confessed, revealing how the delayed responses fueled his paranoia that he might have been unceremoniously axed from the franchise.

Fortunately, the story has a triumphant twist. Holland's debut appearance as Spider-Man in "Captain America: Civil War" was met with widespread acclaim, catapulting him into the iconic role for his own solo adventures, beginning with "Spider-Man: Homecoming."

His portrayal has since become a cornerstone of the MCU, earning him a devoted following and securing his place in the superhero pantheon.

Tom Holland's revelation serves as a reminder that even the most celebrated actors can grapple with self-doubt on their path to stardom.

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