Gwyneth Paltrow Opens Up About Her Independent Political Ideology and Controversial Views on Anti-Vax Presidential Candidate

Credit: Gwyneth Paltrow/Instagram

In an interview with the New York Times, Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow candidly shared her political ideology, emphasizing her commitment to independent thinking and being "open-minded about everybody."

The Academy Award-winning actress discussed her views on various topics, including the controversial anti-vax presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Paltrow acknowledged her interest in Kennedy's perspective but maintained a cautious stance, acknowledging, "It was very interesting to hear his point of view."

However, she also expressed reservations, noting that Kennedy has "said some things that I think are tricky, let's put it that way," hinting at potential concerns about his conspiracy theories.

During the interview, the 51-year-old star also reflected on her recent legal victory in the infamous ski collision case.

"That whole thing was pretty weird. I don't know that I've even processed it. It was something I felt like I survived," she shared.

Paltrow admitted that it takes her time to understand and process significant events in her life.

Paltrow's comments have sparked discussions and debates, with many curious about her political inclinations and the implications of her statements regarding Kennedy's campaign.

As the public awaits further developments, Paltrow's openness continues to generate mixed reactions within the community.

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