Channing Tatum Defies Marriage Fears, Blissfully Engaged to Zoe Kravitz!

Credit: Channing Tatum/Instagram

Hollywood heartthrob Channing Tatum has announced his engagement to fellow actor Zoe Kravitz, despite his previous reservations about marriage. Tatum, best known for his role in "Magic Mike," was previously married to Jenna Dewan and openly expressed his fear of getting married again, fearing the emotional turmoil it could bring.

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However, recent reports indicate that Tatum has found happiness with Kravitz, who was spotted flaunting a dazzling diamond ring during Halloween celebrations. A source close to the couple revealed to People Magazine that Tatum is "excited" about the engagement and has finally embraced the idea of tying the knot once more.

"It took him a while to feel happy and to find a new life," the insider shared. "He can’t stop smiling around [Kravitz]. They are very cute together.”

Tatum, who had openly discussed his fears about relationships and marriage with Vanity Fair, expressed his struggles with matters of the heart. Despite these challenges, he seems to have found solace and happiness in his relationship with Kravitz.

Credit: Zoe Kravitz/Instagram

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The couple made their first public appearance on August 19, 2021, in New York City, where Kravitz affectionately embraced Tatum while he cycled her around the city on a BMX bike. Since then, they have been inseparable, attending various events together, including the wedding of Margaret Qualley and Jack Antonoff in New Jersey this August.

Fans and well-wishers are now eagerly awaiting more details about the couple's engagement and upcoming wedding plans as they embark on this new chapter together.

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