DDG Accidentally Confirms Halle Bailey's Pregnancy in Recent Snapchat Posts

Credit: DDG/Instagram

Rapper and YouTuber DDG appears to have unintentionally spilled the beans about his girlfriend Halle Bailey's rumored pregnancy through a series of Snapchat posts from their tropical getaway. Despite Halle's efforts to keep the speculation under wraps, eagle-eyed fans caught glimpses of her growing baby bump in the background.

On Monday, November 13, DDG shared videos documenting their vacation, inadvertently revealing Halle's pregnancy in the process. In one clip, as DDG panned the camera to showcase the picturesque beach, Halle, clad in a red bikini, inadvertently flashed her visibly growing stomach. Sharp-eyed followers also noted the subtle reflection of her baby bump in DDG's sunglasses in another video.

The revelation sparked a wave of responses from fans, urging Halle to address the pregnancy rumors. Some comments expressed certainty, with one fan stating, "i knew it, i know a preggers when i see one." Another bluntly remarked, "She need to just tell us already you let that man shoot the club up k we clearly see it damn."

Credit: DDG/Instagram

Speculation has surrounded Halle's pregnancy since August, initially surfacing when she was spotted with what appeared to be a baby bump during DDG's live stream. The rumors gained momentum after her appearance at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards in September, and further fueled when she was spotted in October with an apparent baby bump in Santa Monica, California.

Throughout the months, Halle has maintained silence on the pregnancy rumors, even amidst accusations in October that she edited Halloween pictures to conceal her growing belly. As fans eagerly await an official confirmation, DDG's inadvertent Snapchat reveals have added fuel to the ongoing speculation about the couple's impending parenthood.

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