Doja Cat's Bizarre Instagram Antics Ignite Online Firestorm: Fans and Critics React to Controversial Videos

Credit: Doja Cat/Instagram

In the latest episode of Doja Cat's online escapades, the acclaimed singer has managed to stir up controversy yet again. The Grammy-winning artist, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, found herself in hot water after a bizarre video surfaced on her Instagram Story, leaving fans and critics questioning her actions.

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The Bizarre Instagram Videos

On Sunday, November 5, the 28-year-old artist posted a peculiar video on her Instagram Story. In the clip, Doja Cat stuck her tongue out repeatedly and mockingly said 'bleah!' to the camera. The seemingly nonsensical act left social media users puzzled and, in some cases, outraged.

Apology or Lack Thereof

Shortly after facing backlash, Doja Cat attempted to defuse the situation by issuing an apology. In a follow-up video, she expressed remorse, stating, "Guys, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean that. I feel like it's mean for me to do that," acknowledging that her previous behavior was "disturbing." However, her apology seemed short-lived, as she later uploaded another video repeating the same bizarre actions, accompanied by a picture of her smiling widely, indicating a lack of remorse.

Backlash and Support

The online community was swift to react, with many expressing their disappointment and concern over Doja Cat's behavior. Some criticized her antics, labeling her as a "crack head" and accusing her of attention-seeking behavior. Others questioned her mental state, with one user asking if she had Tourette's syndrome.

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Despite the negative reactions, there were a few supporters who found Doja Cat's videos amusing and defended her actions. Some praised her for being "real" and suggested that her behavior was a response to haters who had tried to cancel her in the past.

Connection to Recent Outing

Doja Cat's peculiar Instagram posts followed her recent outing, during which she was photographed posing with fans. In the image that circulated online, she was seen showing her middle finger, while some of her fans playfully imitated her by sticking their tongues out. It remains unclear if her actions in the video were related to this encounter or if there was another motivation behind her behavior.

Controversies Surrounding "Scarlet"

This incident comes in the wake of the release of Doja Cat's latest studio album, "Scarlet," which hit the shelves in September. Despite receiving generally positive reviews from music critics, the album faced backlash due to controversies surrounding the artist's personal life. Allegations of her involvement with the Illuminati and accusations of demon worship were among the issues that marred the album's reception.

As the online community continues to buzz with reactions, Doja Cat remains a polarizing figure, captivating audiences with her music while simultaneously drawing criticism for her unconventional behavior. It remains to be seen how this recent controversy will impact her reputation and career in the long run.

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