Ozzy Osbourne's Unusual World War Three Survival Plan Revealed as He Approaches 75

Credit: Ozzy Osbourne/Instagram

Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, known for his wild antics and decades in the music industry, has unveiled a rather unconventional plan for surviving a potential World War Three nuclear blast. Turning 75 on December 3, the Black Sabbath veteran expressed his belief that his mansion could withstand the impact.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Ozzy declared, "If World War Three ever happens, and they start using the big bombs, I'm going to put a big target on my roof! I wanna be right under the thing! I'll just say… 'I bet you can't hit our house.'" He went on to playfully imagine emerging from the debris after a nuclear blast, shouting, "I'M STILL HERE!"

The conversation with the magazine occurred as Ozzy received the Icon Award at the first Rolling Stone UK Awards on Thursday, November 23. Despite the recognition, the rock survivor humbly admitted, "I wish I felt like an icon! I've had a long career, and I've raised a few eyebrows along the way. I've met some amazing people. I've done some good gigs, and I've done some bad gigs."

Credit: Ozzy Osbourne/Instagram

As Ozzy approaches retirement while contending with a rare, mild form of Parkinson's disease, he highlighted that his most significant health challenges stemmed from surgeries following a 2019 fall. Metal rods dislodged during the accident, leading to his fourth spinal surgery earlier this year. During this procedure, a tumor was also discovered.

Seen using a cane to aid his mobility, Ozzy acknowledged the impact on his balance. Despite these health hurdles, the rock icon remains characteristically defiant, contemplating even the unimaginable scenarios of a World War Three nuclear blast.

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