Cher, 77, Sparks Family Feud Over Will Change Benefiting 37-Year-Old Boyfriend

Credit: Cher/Instagram

Beloved songstress Cher, 77, is at the center of a family controversy as reports surface about her plans to adjust her will, directing a portion of her $360 million fortune towards her 37-year-old boyfriend, Alexander "AE" Edwards. As reported by, insider sources said this move has triggered a heated debate among Cher's grown children, Chaz Bono, 54, and Elijah Blue Allman, 47, who are allegedly displeased with the prospect of sharing their inheritance with their mother's younger beau.

"While some see Cher's decision as a genuine expression of affection, others worry about the potential impact on family dynamics," disclosed an insider to National Enquirer. The debate revolves around whether adjusting the will is the best compromise or if marriage could result in AE inheriting everything.

Friends of the iconic singer emphasize Cher's right to decide how to distribute her wealth, noting her strong desire to secure her partner's future. "At the end of the day, it’s her money, and she has worked her butt off since she was a teenager to amass it," stated a close friend.

Cher's sons have allegedly disapproved of her relationship with AE from the beginning, leading to tensions that spilled over to the issue of inheritance. Reports suggest that Cher, annoyed by her children's interference, had previously threatened to cut them out of her will.

“Cher is mad at them; she’s ready to cut them out of her life completely,” revealed an insider in February. The songstress, contemplating marriage, reportedly considers AE as her sole beneficiary, leading to further strain in her relationship with Chaz, who reportedly views AE as a gold digger capitalizing on Cher's influence in the music industry.

The family feud reportedly escalated over the holidays, with Cher accusing her sons of prioritizing her wealth over her happiness. Despite concerns from friends, Cher seems unwavering in her affection for AE. The couple's rollercoaster relationship, marked by a breakup in May and a rumored engagement, has left loved ones fearful that Cher may be falling head over heels once again.

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