Adam Lambert Reflects on Overcoming Doubts and Challenges as a Gay Contestant on 'American Idol'

Credit: Adam Lambert/Instagram

In a recent video profile with Them, Adam Lambert, the 41-year-old music sensation, opened up about his initial uncertainty regarding participating in "American Idol" after publicly coming out as gay. Lambert rose to fame on the eighth season of the show in 2009, securing his place as the runner-up.

Despite his undeniable talent, Lambert admitted feeling wary about joining the competition due to concerns about how homosexual contestants were perceived. In the interview, he shared, "I never thought that it was a show that I'd be able to do. A - I'm a theatre kid. Also, I'm gay, which never seemed to really land very well in that show."

Reflecting on his early realization of being different, Lambert recalled, "I started pretty early kind of understanding that I was probably different than the other boys in school." He expressed that he didn't believe gay contestants were taken seriously on the show, even though there were a few exceptions.

During the eighth season, photos of Lambert kissing an ex began circulating online. Despite potential concerns, Lambert praised the show's publicist for handling the situation adeptly. Recounting the conversation with the publicist, he said, "She was so great. She was like, 'Well, how do you wanna deal with it?'"

In a moment of authenticity, Lambert publicly addressed the leaked photos, stating, "Yeah. That's me." Despite potential repercussions, he maintained his integrity, asserting, "I think I lost some fans at that point, but I always said to myself, 'Well, those aren't the fans I want anyway.'"

Last February, Lambert candidly admitted feeling "ashamed" when intimate photos leaked online. However, he emphasized that the experience ultimately strengthened him, shaping the kind of art he wanted to create. Reflecting on the challenges he faced, Lambert asserted, "It made me stronger and informed the kind of art that I wanted to make."

Adam Lambert's journey on "American Idol" serves as a testament to his resilience and determination to be true to himself in the face of societal expectations and challenges.

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