Lynne Spears Makes Effort to Mend Relationship with Britney Amidst Lingering Upset

Credit: Lynne Spears/Instagram

In an attempt to heal the strained relationship with her daughter, pop icon Britney Spears, Lynne Spears, 68, is reportedly putting in considerable effort despite lingering tension. Although Britney remains upset with her mother for what she perceives as a lack of support during her 13-year conservatorship, Lynne is making strides to reconnect.

A source close to Lynne revealed to People Magazine that she is actively working to be a part of Britney's life, spending quality time with the "Toxic" singer. Lynne even attended Britney's 42nd birthday bash in a visible display of her commitment to rebuilding their bond.

However, Britney, still harboring feelings of hurt, believes that her mother could have done more during the challenging years of her conservatorship. Despite having few friends, Britney acknowledges her need for family support, making Lynne's presence significant in her life.

The insider emphasized that Britney recognizes her mother's love, stating, "Her mom does love her; there is no doubt about that." Nevertheless, the singer's stubbornness poses a challenge to their reconciliation efforts. Despite the complexities of their relationship, both mother and daughter seem to find solace in each other's company.

Amidst recent life changes, including Britney's breakup with Sam Asghari, Lynne's decision to join in celebrating Britney's birthday appears to mark a step towards healing. The insider concluded that Lynne is genuinely apologetic, taking full responsibility for any perceived shortcomings in their relationship. The journey to mend their bond continues as the two navigate the intricacies of their complicated mother-daughter dynamic.

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