Matthew Perry's Friends Express Deep Concerns Over Autopsy Results, Fearful of Possible Drug Overdose

Credit: Matthew Perry/Instagram

In the wake of the recent revelation regarding the cause of Matthew Perry's death, close friends of the late actor are expressing serious concerns over the possibility of a relapse leading to a fatal outcome.

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A source close to the situation shared with US Weekly that Perry's inner circle fears he may have succumbed to a drug overdose, shedding light on his ongoing struggles with sobriety. The insider emphasized the pervasive sense of shame that accompanied each instance of Perry's lapses, stating, "He’s been struggling with sobriety for years. Every time he fell off the wagon, there was a huge sense of shame."

The revelations further delve into Perry's post-"Friends" era, citing a period of depression and disappointment in his career. The source notes that despite grappling with mental health challenges, the actor refrained from seeking professional assistance, exacerbating his struggles.

The insider disclosed that Perry coped with his issues by isolating himself, leveraging financial security post-"Friends" to avoid the necessity of work, thereby creating an environment conducive to substance use.

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The concerns voiced by Perry's friends come in the aftermath of the LA County Medical Examiner’s Office confirming the cause of death as the acute effects of ketamine. The autopsy report indicates that Perry had undergone "ketamine infusion therapy," with his last treatment occurring approximately 10 days before his demise.

In a poignant interview with PEOPLE magazine, Perry had previously shared his harrowing experiences with addiction, revealing, "I didn't know how to stop. If the police came over to my house and said, 'If you drink tonight, we're going to take you to jail,' I'd start packing. I couldn't stop because the disease and the addiction are progressive."

As the details surrounding Matthew Perry's passing continue to unfold, his friends and fans alike grapple with the poignant reality of a talent lost to the battle against addiction.

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