Prince Harry Faces Warning Amid Legal Battle Over UK Security for His Family

Credit: Sussexroyal/Instagram

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have received a stern warning as the Duke of Sussex takes legal action concerning security matters for himself and his family in Britain.

Renowned royal expert Michael Cole has advised the couple against pursuing legal avenues, urging them to focus on their lives. Cole, as quoted by GB News, stated, "Get on with your life, be happy, you've got more money than you can think about, you've got a lovely wife. You've made your bed, lie in it."

Expressing concern over the image portrayed by going through the courts, Cole criticized Prince Harry for attempting to secure protection by purchasing the police force during his visits to the UK, particularly for Archie and Lilibet.

The warning comes in light of Prince Harry initiating legal proceedings against the British government at the High Court in London after his UK taxpayer-funded protection was withdrawn. In response, Prince Harry emphasized the significance of the UK as his home and a vital part of his children's heritage.

"The UK is central to the heritage of my children, and a place I want them to feel at home as much as where they live at the moment in the US," stated Prince Harry. "That cannot happen if it's not possible to keep them safe when they are on UK soil. I cannot put my wife in danger like that, and, given my experiences in life, I am reluctant to unnecessarily put myself in harm's way too."

The legal battle unfolds as the Duke of Sussex navigates the complexities of balancing security concerns with his family's ties to the United Kingdom.

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