Viral Video: YouTuber Hunter Avallone's Girlfriend Shot in Leg by Ex-Boyfriend

Credit: Hunter Avallone/Instagram

A disturbing video capturing the harrowing moments of YouTuber Hunter Avallone's girlfriend, Holle Peno, being shot in the leg by her ex-boyfriend has sent shockwaves across social media.

The incident unfolded on Friday in West Virginia when Holle's ex-boyfriend, referred to as "Conrad" in the video, fired through the door of the building, injuring her. In the footage, Holle is seen attempting to stem the bleeding with a white towel, while her former boyfriend desperately tries to breach the front door.

Hunter Avallone, who recorded the ordeal, later revealed on social media, "Conrad showed up at my apartment building with a shotgun. He shot through my building door, injuring Holle's leg in the process." Avallone recounted the traumatic experience, noting that Conrad eventually shot at the police before taking his own life in the apartment hallway.

Authorities confirmed Conrad's death as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot, while both Hunter Avallone and Holle Peno emerged physically unharmed.

Holle, taking to Twitter, shared an image of her leg with the bullet still lodged inside, expressing the emotional toll of the incident. She revealed that despite an 11-year relationship, she and Conrad parted ways due to alleged abuse. "I loved him for 11 years despite the abuse, and he couldn't love me enough to let me leave. I am sad and angry, and sorry, and heartbroken," she said.

Hunter Avallone shared screenshots of messages exchanged between Holle and Conrad after the shooting. In these texts, Holle attempted to convince Conrad to surrender, but he remained adamant, expressing regret for not harming Hunter and stating he "should have killed the coward."

In response to the incident, the couple has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to cover Holle's medical expenses. With a goal of $20,000, the fundraiser has already raised over $4,500, with 80 contributors offering support. Holle and Hunter emphasized that the funds would also help address debts incurred during their previous relationship, describing the initiative as an "umbrella" to get Holle's life back on track.

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