Ariana Grande Announces Much-Awaited Comeback with New Single 'yes, and?'

Credit: Ariana Grande/Instagram

The sensational Ariana Grande has officially confirmed her return to the music scene. The pop icon recently unveiled details about her upcoming single, titled "yes, and?" which is set to drop on January 12.

After weeks of teasing her devoted fanbase, Grande finally cracked the egg of anticipation by sharing a glimpse of the single's cover art. The visual treat has left fans buzzing with excitement, eager to dive into the musical world crafted by the powerhouse vocalist.

"yes, and?" marks Ariana Grande's first musical endeavor since the release of her critically acclaimed "Positions" album in 2020. Fans have been patiently awaiting new material, and the announcement of this fresh single has sent waves of enthusiasm through the Ariana Grande fandom.

As the countdown to January 12 begins, the air is thick with anticipation, and fans are ready to embrace the sonic journey that Ariana Grande is sure to deliver. The 30-year-old star's return is poised to make a significant impact, and the music world is abuzz with the promise of new sounds and chart-topping hits.

Are you ready to join the excitement and welcome Ariana Grande back into the spotlight? Stay tuned for "yes, and?" as it takes center stage in the music scene come January 12.

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