Boosie Slams Lil Nas X's 'J Christ' Apology: 'He's Going to HELL'

Credit: Boosie/Lil Nas X/Instagram/YouTube

Controversial rapper Boosie, known for his unfiltered opinions, is not holding back in his criticism of Lil Nas X and his recent apology regarding the 'J Christ' music video.

Lil Nas X, who has consistently faced backlash for pushing boundaries in his art, issued an apology on January 15, expressing regret for any offense caused to his Christian fans during the video's release.

Boosie, however, remains unconvinced and took to social media to share his disdain. Commenting on The Neighborhood Talk's post about Nas' apology, Boosie, born Torence Hatch Jr., asserted, "HE LYING HE KNOW WHAT HE DOING‼️I BET HE WOULDNT DO THIS TO ****. HES GOING TO HELL."

This harsh response from Boosie follows previous homophobic remarks directed at Lil Nas X. The ongoing feud gained momentum with the Church of Satan praising the 'J Christ' video, adding another layer to the already heated debate surrounding the controversial visuals.

As the tension escalates, the clash between Boosie and Lil Nas X continues to fuel discussions on artistic expression, religious sensitivity, and the thin line between provocation and offense in the world of entertainment.

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