Ariana Grande Considers Touring This Year Amid Busy Schedule

Credit: Ariana Grande/Instagram

Ariana Grande hasn't made up her mind yet about going on tour this year. She's feeling eager to do something, but she's not sure if touring is possible.

She has a lot going on in the next couple of years. Her new album, called "Eternal Sunshine," comes out on March 8. Plus, she's working on filming a movie called "Wicked," which will be released in two parts.

Even though she would love to go on tour, she doesn't want to make her fans hopeful if it doesn't work out. When asked about touring this year on a show called "The Zach Sang Show," she said she hasn't decided yet.

She said, "I think I would love to do shows. I love being onstage, I miss being onstage, I miss my fans so much, that's the honest-to-god truth. I had a really hard time emotionally on my last tour, but I think that's because of where I was at.

"Just like with music, I think I'm really excited to redefine my relationship to shows, when I'm ready. I do have a very busy year with ['Eternal Sunshine'] and with 'Wicked,' and then next year I also have 'Wicked Part Two.'"

Ariana, who is 30 years old, hinted that if she goes on tour, it might be a short one. She said, "[The tour] would obviously be shorter. If anything, it would be a littler something.

"But I definitely do have the itch. I'm not ready to announce any sort of thing or get people too excited because I don't want to disappoint."

Ariana hadn't planned to release new music yet. She wanted to wait until after both parts of "Wicked" were out. She explained, "I did not plan to [make new music now].

"I didn't have the goal to make an album. I actually was really opposed to coming out with music until after 'Wicked,' either both parts or just one part. I wasn't sure how I would feel."

"Wicked," the movie where Ariana plays Glinda, comes out in November. And "Wicked Part Two" is set to be released next year.

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