Rubi Rose Denies Alleged Sex Tape Leak: 'Ain't No Leak Bih'

Credit: Rubi Rose/Instagram

Rubi Rose, the rising star in the rap scene, has addressed rumors circulating about a potential sex tape leak involving her.

Speculation arose after a video purportedly featuring the artist in an intimate setting surfaced online.

Taking to her account on X (formerly Twitter), Rubi Rose swiftly shut down the allegations on Thursday, February 22.

In a concise statement, she stated, "Ain't no leak bih," without further elaboration or context.

The controversy erupted after reports emerged claiming that a sex tape involving Rubi had been leaked online.

Despite the video being reposted on various platforms, including Reddit, Rubi's denial suggests that she refutes its authenticity.

While some sources maintain the video's legitimacy, citing the growing prevalence of deepfake technology, others speculate that the footage may have been circulated by someone within Rubi's inner circle.

As discussions around privacy and consent continue to intersect with the digital landscape, Rubi Rose's firm denial adds another layer to the ongoing debate surrounding the exploitation of celebrities' personal lives.

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