Justin Timberlake Unveils Twist-Filled 'No Angels' Music Video Alongside New Album Release

Credit: Justin Timberlake/Instagram

Justin Timberlake surprises fans with an intriguing twist in his latest music video for "No Angels," released alongside his new studio album, "Everything I Thought It Was."

Directed by Ti West, the video takes viewers on a wild journey filled with unexpected turns.

In the video, Timberlake, aged 43, ventures into a seemingly ordinary building, which soon transforms into a pulsating club scene.

Amidst the frenzy, Timberlake engages in a captivating dance with a woman, only for the atmosphere to shift dramatically when she suddenly scratches his face, triggering a transformation of the crowd into eerie, zombie-like beings with ghostly white eyes.

Adding to the surrealism, the woman sprouts massive wings and expels a dark liquid from her mouth.

However, the seemingly chaotic scene is revealed to be a music video set, with another version of Timberlake taking charge as the director.

As he wraps up filming, Timberlake discovers a chilling sight in the trunk of his car: a previous version of himself being strangled.

Despite the unsettling discovery, the director remains unfazed, joining forces with the enigmatic dark angel, both sporting the same ghostly white eyes.

Accompanied by haunting lyrics, Timberlake's chorus echoes the video's dark ambiance: "Full throttle, pilot on auto / There ain't no angels here on the dance floor / Forget tomorrow, move like you wanna, babe / There ain't no angels here on the dance floor."

"No Angels" is among the 18 tracks featured on Timberlake's latest album. To mark the album's release, he hosted a Tiny Desk concert, treating fans to a captivating performance of seven songs.

While the 25-minute set was a celebration of his new project, Timberlake predominantly showcased tracks from his extensive repertoire, including hits like "Selfish," "Senorita," "SexyBack," and "Pusher Love Girl."

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