Theories Swirl Around Kate Middleton's Vanishing Act: Could Prince William Be Unfaithful?

Credit: The Prince and Princess of Wales/Instagram

Since the Royal Family announced Kate Middleton's break from royal duties to recover from surgery, the internet's been buzzing with theories about her disappearance.

Now, a new rumor suggests Prince William might be involved.

Recent speculation linking a noblewoman to Prince Charles sparked chatter online, suggesting William's possible infidelity as the reason for Kate's absence.

Credit: The Prince and Princess of Wales/Instagram

This gained momentum after a poorly edited photo stirred concern, deepening suspicions about the princess's whereabouts.

While recovery explains Kate's absence from royal events, her complete withdrawal from public view since the announcement has raised eyebrows, fueling conspiracy theories on social media.

The latest rumor points to an alleged affair between Prince William and Lady Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley.

Previous gossip about their relationship resurfaced, amplified by Kate's prolonged silence.

Tabloids adding fuel to the fire with articles and profiles on Lady Rose fueled speculation, leading some to believe they aimed to garner sympathy for William's alleged mistress at Kate's expense.

Though confined to social media for now, these rumors are gaining traction, even reaching mainstream media with host Stephen Colbert addressing them on "The Late Night Show."

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