Don Lemon of CNN Marries Longtime Partner Tim Malone in NYC Wedding Ceremony

Credit: Don Lemon/Instagram

CNN's Don Lemon tied the knot with his partner Tim Malone in a stylish wedding ceremony held in New York City.

The couple exchanged vows on April 6 at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, surrounded by about 140 guests, as reported by PEOPLE.

Officiating the ceremony was Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, who is a close friend of the couple.

Credit: Don Lemon/Instagram

Lemon, known for his work as a news anchor and host of The Don Lemon Show, had been engaged to real estate broker Tim Malone for five years before their wedding day.

They opted for a traditional ceremony that incorporated elements from their respective backgrounds, including an Irish blessing and a symbolic gesture of jumping over a broom, paying homage to historical traditions.

The decision to have a big wedding was deliberate. Malone emphasized that they wanted to make a public statement and involve their loved ones, many of whom had not attended a gay wedding before.

Credit: Don Lemon/Instagram

Lemon, who grew up in a Baptist family, was determined to have a religious service, reflecting his upbringing.

Music played a significant role in the celebration, with the couple entering and exiting the church to classic tunes.

The reception, held at Ralph Lauren's Polo Bar, featured a special menu and was decorated with photos capturing moments from Lemon and Malone's journey together.

Credit: Don Lemon/Instagram

Reflecting on the significance of marriage, Lemon shared that it was a validation of their commitment and a way to celebrate their relationship with loved ones.

The couple's dogs, Boomer, Barkley, and Gus, also played a part in the festivities, underscoring their bond as a family.

The wedding marked a joyous occasion for Lemon and Malone, who embraced tradition while celebrating their love and partnership in the company of cherished friends and family.

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