Justin Timberlake Nervous About Tour Amid Britney Spears Fan Backlash

Credit: Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears/Instagram

Justin Timberlake is feeling nervous about his upcoming U.S. tour, reportedly because he's worried about the large fan base of his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears.

The pop star is set to hit the road for his first tour in the United States in five years, but according to a report from In Touch Weekly, he's concerned that Spears' fans might make things difficult for him.

Britney recently made headlines with revelations in her memoir, "The Woman in Me", where she accused Justin of cheating on her during their three-year relationship and pressuring her to have an abortion.

These claims have not only affected Justin's reputation but also threaten to impact his upcoming tour, scheduled to begin on April 29.

An insider shared with the publication that Justin has already faced criticism on social media due to these allegations, which has hurt his reputation as a "nice guy".

Now, with his tour approaching, he's worried that things could get worse.

The source suggested that Justin might address these allegations during the early stages of the tour, hoping that it might help calm the situation.

However, the insider noted that Justin feels cornered by Britney's revelations and is anxious about potential backlash from her devoted fans.

Additionally, Britney's fans, known as the Britney Army, have been actively supporting her older music, creating a competitive situation for Justin with his latest track "Selfish".

This added pressure has only heightened Justin's concerns about his upcoming tour.

In summary, Justin's apprehension about his tour appears to be linked to the fallout from Britney's memoir and the strong backing she enjoys from her fans.

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