Brad Pitt's Legal Team Counters Angelina Jolie's Abuse Allegations in Court Over Winery Dispute

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Brad Pitt's legal team has responded to Angelina Jolie's recent allegations of past abuse with a sharp rebuttal, according to reports from PEOPLE.

The ex-couple is embroiled in a legal dispute over their French winery, Château Miraval.

A source close to Brad Pitt has dismissed Angelina Jolie's claims as a "misdirection and distraction" amidst their ongoing legal battle.

Pitt's lawyers filed a motion in court on April 5, requesting that Jolie provide the nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) she has asked others to sign.

This move comes in direct response to Jolie's filing the day before, where her legal team sought to release communications they claim demonstrate Pitt's refusal to allow Jolie to sell her share of the winery unless she agreed to a more stringent NDA.

Pitt's legal representatives aim to show that the NDA Pitt proposed was no more restrictive than those routinely required by Jolie herself.

They point out that shortly after Jolie sold her shares of Miraval, her lawyer proposed an even broader non-disparagement clause to Pitt as part of their divorce proceedings.

The court documents obtained by PEOPLE detail Pitt's lawyers' argument, citing examples where Jolie allegedly conditioned employment on NDAs covering events witnessed in her home, including her treatment of her children and Pitt.

In Jolie's April 4 motion, her lawyers indicated that Pitt was concerned about potentially publicizing sealed documents related to their custody battle unless protected by an NDA.

The legal dispute between Pitt and Jolie continues to unfold amid these complex allegations and legal maneuvers.

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