Beyoncé and Jay-Z's Cozy Night Out in Japan Includes Public Transport Adventure - See Viral Photos & Video

Credit: Beyoncé/Instagram

Beyoncé and Jay-Z enjoyed a laid-back dinner date in Japan, taking public transport like regular folks.

The superstar shared glimpses of their outing on Instagram, showing them riding a bus together.

Beyoncé struck a pose, holding onto a yellow pole, while Jay-Z goofed around in photos with her.

Later, they hit a Japanese restaurant, Beyoncé smiling with a tiny bowl in hand, alongside a friend dressed in traditional Japanese attire.

They even shared a playful moment in a video where they pretended to sweep the floor, separated by a standing board.

Beyoncé looked chic in a snug top and long denim pants, with a furry-sleeved outer layer.

Jay-Z kept it semi-formal in a black suit with matching trousers and sunglasses, adding a beanie for style.

It was a cool, casual night out for the power couple during their Japan stay.

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