SZA Challenges Music Industry: 'I'm Labeled R&B Artist Because I'm Black'

Credit: SZA/Instagram

SZA recently opened up about how her music is categorized, and she's pointing to race as the key factor.

In an interview with Dazed Magazine, the Grammy-winning artist explained, "The only reason I’m defined as an R&B artist is because I’m Black. It’s almost a little reductive because it doesn’t allow space to be anything else or try anything else. Justin Bieber is not considered an R&B artist; he is a Pop artist who makes R&B, folk music, or whatever his heart desires."

She added, "I simply just want to be allowed the same opportunity to make whatever I want without a label, [without it being] based on the colour of my skin, or the crew that I run with, or the beats that I choose. I want ‘F2F’ to be seen as what it is. I want 'Nobody Gets Me' to be seen as what it is. I want ‘Kill Bill’ to be seen as what it is."

Credit: SZA/Instagram

SZA concluded by expressing that she doesn't let the industry's categorization bother her, acknowledging that it's simply how others perceive her.

She emphasized that she avoids boxing herself in and remains focused on making music, vibing out, and enjoying the creative process.

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