Beyoncé Faces Lawsuit Over ‘Break My Soul’ Lyrics

Credit: Beyoncé/Instagram

Beyoncé is making waves again, but this time it’s not for her music. The singer is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit over her song "Break My Soul."

A little-known New Orleans group, Da Showstoppaz, has filed a complaint in a Louisiana federal court. They claim Beyoncé’s chart-topping single from her 2022 album "Renaissance" uses their lyrics without permission.

"Break My Soul" has been celebrated for its catchy beats and powerful lyrics. However, Da Showstoppaz allege that parts of their 2002 song "Release a Wiggle" were unlawfully used in the track.

The group’s attorney stated, "The infringing phrase ‘release yo’ wiggle’ and several other substantially similar phrases are featured prominently in the song and evenly spread out across ‘Explode’s two-minute and forty-seven second runtime. Any reasonable person listening to ‘Release A Wiggle’ and ‘Explode’ would conclude that the songs are substantially similar."

Interestingly, Da Showstoppaz claim that Beyoncé didn’t directly steal their work. Instead, they argue she legally sampled Big Freedia’s 2014 track "Explode," which itself borrows from their "Wiggle."

Big Freedia, who contributed to "Break My Soul," is also named in the lawsuit. The plaintiffs assert they informed Beyoncé’s team about the alleged infringement last month, but no action was taken.

"While Mrs. Carter … and others have received many accolades and substantial profits … Da Showstoppaz’s have received nothing—no acknowledgment, no credit, no remuneration of any kind," the attorney emphasized.

Fans of "Break My Soul" know its main sample comes from Robin S.’s 1993 house classic "Show Me Love," which Beyoncé credited. However, this latest lawsuit brings another layer of controversy to the song and its creation.

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