Britney Spears Settles Divorce with Sam Asghari After Year-long Legal Battle

Credit: Sam Asghari/Instagram

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari have officially settled their divorce nearly a year after Sam filed to end their marriage, according to TMZ.

The couple filed a Stipulated Judgment and Britney responded to Sam's divorce petition through her lawyer, Laura Wasser. The judge is expected to approve the settlement soon, making their marriage history.

Britney and Sam had a prenuptial agreement that leaves Sam with no financial support. Earlier reports suggested Britney paid Sam's rent for his new place, and although there was talk of a six-figure settlement, it's unclear if that happened.

Credit: Sam Asghari/Instagram

Sam filed for divorce in August, citing "irreconcilable differences," 14 months after their wedding at Britney's Thousand Oaks home.

There were rumors that Sam might challenge the prenup through his lawyer, Neal Hersh, but that didn't happen.

Sources claim that Sam believed Britney cheated on him with a member of her staff, alleging there's video evidence of them together. There were also reports of physical altercations during their relationship, including one incident where Britney allegedly punched Sam while he was in bed, leaving him with a black eye and bite marks.

Credit: Sam Asghari/Instagram

Despite the divorce, Britney's memoir, "The Woman in Me," did not contain negative comments about Sam.

In December, Britney opened up on Instagram about being single, reflecting on her experiences and self-talk.

Meanwhile, Sam appeared in a PETA photoshoot in December with dogs, seemingly referencing his relationship with Britney, with captions like "Some loves last ... never buy dogs, always spay or neuter."

Since the divorce, Sam has been focusing on fitness and living his best life in the gym.

With the divorce settled, both parties can finally move forward with their lives.

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