WATCH: Zayn Malik Reflects on Love, Expresses Uncertainty About Ever Truly Being in Love

Credit: Zayn Malik/Instagram

Zayn Malik isn't entirely sure what love really means. In a recent chat on the Zach Sang Show, the singer, known for his time in One Direction and his new album Room Under the Stairs, talked about his views on love.

Even though he was with model Gigi Hadid for more than five years and they share a daughter, Khai, Zayn admitted he's unsure if he's ever been in love.

"I don’t know how you know what love is. That’s a really deep question. It’s hard, you know? I think love comes in many different forms. In love with somebody is a whole different, kind of complicated, you know? There’s so many different variables that go into it," Zayn shared.

Credit: Zayn Malik/YouTube

"You can never really pinpoint, I think, what is love. There’s ways you can show love. You can express it. That’s our human understanding of it, but what is love? It’s an intangible thing, right? We can’t hold it in our hands. It’s not something that exists."

Zayn sometimes thought he was in love, but looking back, he's not so sure. "Your perspective changes it, right? You look back on it with new eyes, and you’re like, ‘Well, maybe I wasn’t in love there.’ But that’s time," he pondered. "So, is it love? Or is it life experience that we are going through? Who knows?"

He admitted feeling a different kind of love for his daughter Khai, saying that's clear to him. But loving someone else romantically? It's not as clear, he added.

Zayn and Gigi, 29, dated on and off from 2015 to 2021 but continue to be good parents to Khai.

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