Charli XCX Stands Up for Taylor Swift Against Online Hate

Credit: Charli XCX & Britney Spears/Instagram

Charli XCX is making it clear she won't stand for any negativity, especially against Taylor Swift. The 31-year-old singer recently addressed a portion of her fans who have been targeting the "Fortnight" pop star with online hate and chants at her concerts.

Recently, Charli took to Instagram to address the issue. "Can the people who do this please stop. Online or at my shows," she wrote, sharing a screenshot of a video from an X (formerly Twitter) user that highlighted the disturbing behavior. She emphasized, "It is the opposite of what I want and it disturbs me that anyone would think there is room for this in this community. I will not tolerate it."

The hate campaign includes fans chanting “Taylor Swift Is Dead” at Charli's concerts, which she found particularly troubling. The original video that brought this to her attention was posted after her show in São Paulo, Brazil, on June 22.

Credit: Charli XCX/Instagram Story

The caption of the video read, “Hey @charli_xcx, your brazilian fans have been showing toxic behavior by screaming ‘Taylor is dead!’ in your concerts and events related to you. Could you do something about it? We don’t believe that’s what music should be about. @taylornation13 please take notice in that too."

The controversy began when fans mistakenly thought Charli's song "Sympathy Is a Knife" was about her insecurity around Taylor Swift, which fueled the negative behavior. Charli’s firm response underscores her commitment to a positive fan community and her zero-tolerance policy for hate.

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