Justin Bieber Facing Financial Struggles Amid Hailey Bieber Pregnancy

Credit: Justin Bieber/Instagram

Pop star Justin Bieber is reportedly struggling financially just as he and wife Hailey Baldwin Bieber are expecting their first child. Despite the excitement of the upcoming arrival of ‘baby Bieber’, the couple is experiencing financial difficulties.

An insider shared with In Touch Weekly that Justin's lavish spending habits are outpacing his income. "He spends more money than he’s got coming in and is now having to cut back on certain luxuries," the source revealed.

One significant change is their mode of travel. Although they typically fly private, Justin and Hailey recently had to opt for a commercial flight due to their dwindling funds. "While they always fly private, Justin simply couldn’t afford it this time," the tipster noted.

Adding to their financial strain, Justin tried to purchase a $700K diamond ring for Hailey. Despite being advised against it and having a loan application denied, he went ahead with the purchase anyway.

"They recently advised him against buying Hailey a $700K diamond ring, so he applied for a loan. But the loan was denied and he purchased it anyway," the source disclosed.

The insider expressed concern over Justin's financial future, warning that he needs to make changes soon to avoid going broke. "If Justin doesn’t make some changes soon, he could lose everything. He is going to go broke," the concerned insider claimed about the "Let Me Love You" singer.

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