Story — Woman Doesn't Want to Help her Husband Babysit - Here's Why

The kids ate food they shouldn't have and didn't sleep at all, but she pointed out that they're all alive.

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The woman isn't really into kids, so she declined when her husband asked her to babysit his son's little ones.

She thought the concept of family was too oppressive to her, but she later discovered that her husband had a child when he was a teenager.

"When he was drinking, he admitted that he had gotten his high school girlfriend pregnant when they were both 18 and begged her to abort, but she hadn't wanted to so he had a son who he had never met, and he had signed away his parental rights," she explained on Reddit. "I was annoyed that he lied, but I 100% believe that men have the right to walk away."

Her stepson lost his mom when he was sixteen, and when he found out his dad was alive through an old friend, she supported her husband in taking him. She even admitted she liked him.

"We have a good friendship, but obviously, he doesn't view me as a parent," she said. "He married the most annoying woman ever, and they have three children."

At some point, her stepson asked them to babysit his children overnight so he and his wife could attend a wedding. Her husband agreed to this, but she reminded everyone that she doesn't babysit.

"My husband said it would be fine, and I didn't need to help," she said. "Well, that lasted about ten minutes, because my husband does not know what to do with children and was begging for me to help."

His daughter-in-law provided him with a rundown of rules and forbidden foods. Everything was fine until the children started running and making noise. Her husband then believed she should step in.

"Well, I didn't," she said. "I'm actually a terrible person and let them have water guns, so my husband ended up throwing a tantrum and locking himself in the bedroom."

"I did make sure the children didn't die," she added, "but like I stated to everyone involved, I do not babysit."

The kids ate food they shouldn't have and didn't sleep at all, but she pointed out that they're all alive.

The woman said that her husband's daughter-in-law is infuriated because she's the woman, and obviously, she's responsible.

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