"Pssss is it awkward or uncomfortable to watch this video ???? GOOD."

Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram

A scathing video has been released by Britney Spears in which she blasts former therapists and family members for forcing her to attend "840 hours" of therapy sessions during her conservatorship.

The Pop Princess exposed her therapists and family members on Saturday via Instagram.

"After doing exactly 840 hours of unwanted therapy in a (expletive) chair," Britney wrote, "this is my message to all my therapists and people who took my money.."

"I guess I'm a scholar at this point… again to my family who condoned this torture … I will say till the day I die … go to hell !!! And if you think I'm lying or g or that's impossible to do … do your research !!!!" the singer added.

Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram

Britney continued, "Pssss is it awkward or uncomfortable to watch this video ???? GOOD."

The singer then recited lines from her therapists as she stated, "I'm just so happy you're able to make it back here today and do therapy again."

She continued, "How have you been? Um, it's so good to see that little face of yours."

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