Story — Man Gets Angry that His Stepsister Wears His Wife's Lingerie

That evening, Karim was making an easy meal for himself when Jeramie walked in, wearing lingerie that was familiar to him.

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Karim became angry when he saw his step-sister wearing the lingerie of his wife.

Karim's step-sister, Jeramie, got kicked out of their parents' house for so many reasons. He felt sorry for her, so he offered to let her stay in his place for a while until she could find a place her own.

"My sister has recently been dealing with a lot of self-image issues," Karim said. "She complains constantly about her weight and compares herself to supermodels, and generally has a negative view of herself."

Karim's wife, Vanessa, always encouraged Jeramie to feel positive about herself and her body.

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"My wife is very kind and patient with her words, so she is always there for Jeramie when she starts talking about her struggles with herself," Karim explained. "She is consistently reassuring her that she is good enough."

The conflict began when Jeramie started to compare herself to Vanessa, a former model whose body still reflects her lifestyle to this day.

"It didn't help that my wife always dresses up and puts more effort into things when she's not going to work," Karim said. "At first, when she noticed this, she tried to brush it off with a smile and give my stepsister a compliment."

However, Jeramie's comparisons became more and more specific; she compared even the length of his wife's middle finger to her. "My wife was getting uncomfortable around my stepsister, but she didn't want to be rude or risk an escalating situation," Karim said.

It got to the point where Vanessa suggested therapy or psychiatric help for Jeramie, but his stepsister disagreed with the recommendation.

"My wife mostly works from home, and I don't," Karim said. "This is why my wife is the one who has to listen to Jeramie constantly shame herself."

"One day, I had a severe headache that forced me to rest at home. Vanessa texted me that she was visiting her friend and would come home late," he shared.

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That evening, Karim was making an easy meal for himself when Jeramie walked in, wearing lingerie that was familiar to him. "I tried not to stare at her and asked her to put on a robe or something to cover up," he said. But Jeramie brushed off his words and instead asked him if she doesn't look great in his wife's lingerie.

Karim said, "Maybe it was because I had such a terrible headache, but I got very angry at her for wearing my wife's clothing."

"I raised my voice at her and threatened to kick her out, and she began to cry and lock herself in her room," he added. After Vanessa found out what had happened, she gave Jeramie the lingerie because she was horrified by her behavior.

Vanessa agreed that his stepsister did something odd, but she thought Karim went about it in the wrong way. At this point, Karim is confused about how to deal with Jeramie. Do you think he mistreated his stepsister?

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