Story — Woman Suddenly Loses Affection for her Daughter

Angel, a young woman of sixteen years at the time, became pregnant and made the decision to keep the child.

Despite this, she asserts that it was the most regrettable decision of her life. Upon giving birth to Kaira, Angel initially believed she would be capable of raising her.

However, three years have passed, and with each interaction she has with her daughter, Angel finds herself feeling as though Kaira is not truly her own child.

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This disconnection began when Kaira was weaned at ten months old and Angel felt no further bond with her.

In an effort to seek guidance, Angel approached her parents for advice, who encouraged her to tend to Kaira's needs, including changing her diapers and engaging in play.

Despite her compliance with her parents' suggestions, Angel continues to view Kaira as a stranger.

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Angel acknowledges that for over two years she has felt this way, acknowledging that she was not fully mature at sixteen years old when she made the decision to keep Kaira.

The weight of her responsibilities, including working part-time and attending school full-time, combined with the time she spends with Kaira, leave Angel feeling as though she is missing out on life opportunities.

In an effort to manage her responsibilities, Kaira has been residing with her father, Anjo, for three weeks, with Angel visiting only two days a week.

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Angel explains that she has been claiming to be too busy to consider having Kaira stay with her, but in reality, she no longer desires to be a parent to Kaira.

Angel feels immense guilt and has sought the support of a counselor, but the notion that it is evident she loves her daughter is frequently mentioned, hindering any progress in resolving her feelings.

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At present, Angel is overwhelmed with emotions and is unable to determine an appropriate course of action.

Furthermore, Kaira has formed stronger bonds with her paternal grandparents and tends to seek their support, disregarding Angel during her visits.

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