Story — Woman Suddenly Loses Affection for her Daughter - Here's Why

Although she obediently followed the advice of her parents, Angel still views her daughter as some kind of stranger.

Angel, then sixteen, got pregnant and decided to keep it, but she claims it was the worst thing she ever did in her life.

When Angel gave birth to Kaira, she thought she could handle her. Now Kaira is three years old, and each time Angel sees her, she tells herself that Kaira is not her child.

It all started when Kaira weaned at ten months old. Angel no longer felt bonded to her. One time, she tried asking her parents for advice on what to do. They told her to tend to Kaira, change her diapers, and play with her.

Although she obediently followed the advice of her parents, Angel still views her daughter as some kind of stranger.

"It's been this way for more than two years," Angel admitted. "I thought I was mature when I was sixteen, but I wasn't right."

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Angel said she feels like she's passing up a major opportunity because she's trying to work part-time while going to school full-time and still spends time with Kaira.

"I realized that I can't do everything, and the thing I want to drop is my time with my daughter," she explained.

Kaira had been living with her father, Anjo, for three weeks. Angel stayed over there two days a week and told her ex-boyfriend that she was too busy to consider having their daughter stay at her house. In reality, however, she doesn't want Kaira anymore.

"I feel like the main thing keeping me in her life is the fact that it wouldn't completely screw her up mentally if I just got up and ran away," Angel said. "I try to talk it out with a counselor I had through my school, but the first thing anybody says when I try to approach the subject is stuff like 'It's extremely clear that you love your daughter.' It throws me totally off track."

Angel felt so guilty to the point that she didn't know what to do or how to get going. "It's like she's keeping me back," Angel said, "and I realize I have no one to blame but myself."

Kaira's paternal grandparents are more like her real parents. She goes to her grandmother when she wants something and ignores Angel whenever she visits.

At this moment, Angel feels horrible, and she cannot figure out what to do about her situation. What advice can you give Angel? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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