Story - Uncle Offers to Walk Lesbian Niece Down Aisle at Her Wedding Amid Family Tension

A concerned uncle has offered to walk his lesbian niece down the aisle at her wedding as her conservative Christian father, who is also the uncle's brother, is unwilling to do so.

The father has become upset with the uncle's offer and accused him of undermining their relationship. In response, the uncle sought advice on a Reddit group.

In his post, the uncle (screenname ConcernEquivalent744) explained that his brother married a woman from a conservative Christian church and became deeply immersed in their beliefs.

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The brother's daughter later came out as lesbian at the age of 17 and, after being rejected by her family, she went to live with her grandparents for the remainder of her high school years and for her college education.

The uncle states that he made an effort to be a safe space for her as she is a "great kid with a bright future ahead of her."

The now 25-year-old woman has reconciled with her father and his wife through family therapy. However, the couple is still uncomfortable with the idea of her wedding to another woman and has asked her to postpone the wedding. The uncle, in response, offered to walk his niece down the aisle instead.

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The father became angry when he learned of the uncle's offer and accused him of undermining their relationship. The uncle responded by saying he would be doing a poor job of supporting his niece if he took his brother's side over hers. The uncle's wife told him that he could have handled the situation better and he sought advice on Reddit about whether he was being a jerk.

The comments on Reddit were generally supportive of the uncle, with some commenters stating that the father didn't deserve to be handled with kid gloves. One commenter suggested that the uncle's response to the father may be what he needs to understand the repugnance of his behavior.

Another commented that the father already "gave his daughter away" when she went to live with her grandparents and it was absurd to ask for more time to adjust his mindset. The uncle later responded that stepping in for his niece's father has been a recurring theme in her adult life.

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