Story — The Art of Letting Go (A Gaesha Marie Pepito Story)

"How can we fully detach from something that helped shape how we see the world?"

Gaesha Marie Pepito is a 29-year-old transgender from Consolacion Cebu, who once suffered from a devastating betrayal from someone she loved.

Despite knowing the importance of moving on from negative experiences, Gaesha found it incredibly difficult to do so.

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She had met her ex-boyfriend in 2015 and had given him her all. However, her sacrifices and love for him resulted in nothing but pain.

Gaesha had a hard time accepting the hurtful actions of her ex and as a result, she became careless with herself, developing an addiction to alcohol.

This had a negative impact on her work performance and relationships with her loved ones.

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The situation took a turn for the worse when Gaesha became so hopeless that she attempted suicide three times.

She told Nilatch.Com, "It really hurts, so I thought it would be better for me to just die at the time."

Gaesha had given her ex-boyfriend all her salary, leaving her with very little for herself, yet he still continued to cheat on her and hurt her.

One night, on April 12, 2019, Gaesha had a major breakdown and decided to take a handful of sleeping pills.

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But she survived, waking up the next day in a hospital room surrounded by her loved ones. This moment was a turning point for Gaesha, she realized that her life was valuable and she had a mother who loved her unconditionally.

Gaesha was remorseful for not listening to her friends, who had always been there for her, and instead believing everything her ex-boyfriend had told her.

Today, Gaesha has moved on from her past, she is happy being with her family and real friends and is not looking for any romantic relationships at the moment.

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When asked if she has fully moved on, Gaesha responded, "There's a typical misconception that letting go implies we need to forget and never again be affected by our past. It's reasonable where this thought originates from, but on the other hand it's completely senseless. How can we fully detach from something that helped shape how we see the world?"

Gaesha believes that moving on from a painful experience is not about forgetting it, but rather about accepting it as a part of one's past and using it as a source of strength and growth.

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