Story — Man Quits Job After Not Getting a Promotion

"I needed to move on and find a better fit for my career goals."

Kenan had been a dedicated employee at his company for the past six years. He was 28 years old and was proud to have made a great salary while working for a company that he loved.

Kenan had intended to stay with his current company for the rest of his career. However, everything changed when he was overlooked for a promotion.

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"It all started when my immediate manager announced a month ago that he was being promoted to a different office in the group," Kenan told Nilatch.Com. "At first, I was excited for him and congratulated him, but I also saw this as a great opportunity for me."

Kenan felt confident in his chances of getting the promotion. He had extensive knowledge of the job, had built strong relationships with his colleagues, and had the highest client earnings of anyone in his team.

Additionally, all of the three managers he had worked with in the past had been promoted from his current position.

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"I sent a message to both my manager and HR expressing my interest in the promotion and received a reply from HR acknowledging my request," Kenan continued.

However, two weeks later, Kenan and his colleagues were called into the conference room and introduced to their new manager.

To their surprise, the new manager was someone they had never met before and had no experience in their field or with their company. They were told that the new manager was a "new blood" who would shake things up.

After the meeting, Kenan approached his old manager and asked why he wasn't considered for the promotion.

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His old manager explained that he was not even asked for his opinion on who would replace him and that sometimes promotions were simply a result of the partners' whims and the relationships they had cultivated with certain employees.

Feeling disappointed and frustrated, Kenan concluded that he would never move up in his current company.

He felt that he was just seen as someone who could make a lot of money in his current position, and there was no need for them to promote him.

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He contacted a job agency and found a new job within a week, even though it paid slightly less and did not bring him any closer to a management position.

However, Kenan's sudden departure from his old company made everyone think that he was an ungrateful and selfish person. His old boss even pointed out that he was making him look bad in his last days with the company.

Despite the criticism, Kenan stood by his decision and said, "Yes, this was an emotional decision, and as someone commented, 'I threw a tantrum', but at the moment, I don't regret it. I needed to move on and find a better fit for my career goals."

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