Ariana Grande Shares Photos of her Christmas Celebration

Photo: Instagram/Ariana Grande

Pop superstar Ariana Grande shared photos of her holiday celebrations on social media, including a picture of her and her new fiance Dalton Gomez.

Ariana Grande uploaded a series of photos of her Christmas celebration on Instagram, which also included her mother Joan, half brother Frankie, and friend Doug Middlebrook. In the caption, she simply wrote: "Merry :)."

Grande and Gomez, who were clad in matching black tops, posed cheek-to-cheek in front of a Christmas tree.

Another photograph shows the renowned singer positioned between her mother and Frankie in the kitchen.

In another picture, Grande is seen leaning down toward Frankie. She also shared a group pic in the kitchen and a large Christmas tree, decorated with white lights and large bulbs.

Grande, who kicked off her career at age 15, wore hoop earrings and pulled back her long dark tresses.

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