Story — Woman Confirms Engagement at Sister's Wedding

Normally, she was asked questions about the ring and answered honestly.
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On a popular forum, Christina (not her real name) asked if she was wrong for sharing her engagement on her Twin sister's wedding day.

Christina recently went on Reddit to explain that she had a rivalry with her twin sister Rhea (not her real name). However, she insisted that it was never her fault.

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As a result of their father leaving when they were ten, and Rhea wasn't close to their mother, Christina said her sister now has bitterness toward her.

Meanwhile, after one year together, Rhea and her boyfriend got married. Christina admitted that she did not like their relationship. Additionally, she didn't like that they got married so soon.

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About a week before the wedding, Christina and her fiancé got engaged. So Rhea asked her not to tell anyone about her engagement until after the wedding, and she reluctantly agreed.

It was only a sign of insecurity for Christina. She said she and her boyfriend have been together for nearly seven years.

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The wedding went well, until the reception. Christina noticed many people she hadn't spoken to since they graduated high school at the reception, so she decided to take it as an opportunity to catch up.

Christina said she didn't plan to take off her ring just to satisfy her sister. Normally, she was asked questions about the ring and answered honestly.

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At the end of the night, her mother and Rhea pulled Christina aside. They told her that she had made the night all about herself.

Christina then explained that it was only brief congratulations and not an announcement. Her sister was very angry with her, she said.

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Christina's post received many comments, and most users emphasized that she and her twin sister are adults now, so the rivalry has to cease.

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