Story — Mother Tells Daughter she Didn't Marry her Dad for Love

Rhea and Kena had a heart-to-heart conversation, but it didn't go as planned.

As Rhea shared a shocking confession, Kena's reaction caught her off guard. "I didn't love your father when I married him, I only married him for his money," Rhea revealed, hoping to open up to her daughter.

Kena's expression twisted in disgust, "That's awful! You're a prostitute," she accused her mother.

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Rhea was taken aback by her daughter's harsh words. "Kena, that's not fair. I love your father now," she pleaded, but Kena's anger only intensified.

Later, Rhea confided in her husband about the conversation, and he was livid. He wanted to ground Kena for two weeks for calling Rhea a prostitute. However, Rhea talked him out of it, knowing that it would only make things worse.

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As Rhea reflected on the conversation, she realized that she should have kept her past to herself. "Albert, I shouldn't have told Kena about us. I thought it would help us bond, but it only made things worse," Rhea admitted, regret lacing her voice.

Albert nodded understandingly, "It's okay, Rhea. We'll figure it out. We just need to give her time to cool down," he reassured her.

But as Rhea pondered the situation, a thought struck her. Was it her fault that Kena reacted the way she did? Could she have approached the conversation differently? Only time would tell, but for now, Rhea hoped that their relationship would heal from this hiccup.

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