Story — Man Supports his Wife After his Daughter Exposed her Diary on Facebook

The man said he's so broken because his daughter told him she will no longer see him if his wife is around. She also told him that she won't step foot in their house.

A man is asking if it's his fault that he sided with his wife after his daughter publicly exposed her diary, which had negative comments about them.

Writing to Reddit, the man shared how his daughter tampered with his wife's diary. His daughter was distraught after reading it, so she thought of exposing it to her Facebook account.

"I have been remarried for a year now to my wife," he wrote. "I have a 15 year old daughter and a 11 year old son from my first marriage. I also have a 15 year old stepdaughter."

"My wife has always gotten along with my children very well and has gone above and beyond to integrate our families," he added. "And although at first my daughter was very standoffish to my wife, my wife was eventually able to bond with her. Only then did we get married."

Their lives changed completely when one day his daughter found his wife's diary that she had been writing to when they went to marital counseling before they tied the knot.

Both their first marriages were horrendous, so they were determined to do it right. The man said he also was given a diary.

He added that his daughter continued to read everything in the diary and even took photos of specific pages. She then shared the pictures on her Facebook account and called his wife a lot of cruel names.

The man explained that his wife had written a couple of things about how she wished he didn't have children before they met so they could have had fewer issues dealing with his ex-wife.

She also wrote how she abhorred that his daughter had gotten many awful characteristics from his ex. And the last thing related to his youngsters was that she said his ex was a horrendous mother for weaponizing her children. 

"I admit I was taken aback and upset that my wife had written these things because I knew my kids would be hurt," the man wrote. "But this was also a personal diary as part of a therapy exercise and the diary had been hidden in our closet."

"My daughter even posted some very sensitive information about my wife dealing with her father who was an alcoholic," he added. "My wife is inconsolable. A lot of my family and friends have turned on my wife because they think what she wrote was terrible."

The man, however, objected, pointing out that his wife only wrote things that she was concerned would affect their marriage. He proceeded to clarify that the counseling helped them deal with having stepchildren.

The man said he's so broken because his daughter told him she will no longer see him if his wife is around. She also told him that she won't step foot in their house.

His son, on the other hand, is following her lead. They didn't forgive his wife even though she had apologized to them many times.

As for his ex-wife, the man said she will be starting the process to reduce his custody and sue for defamation. Although he knew she won't win the defamation case, he said he feels like custody will indeed switch.

He's extremely worried, and until now his daughter refused to take down the diary pages on her Facebook account. This is his predicament, and he's asking for advice on what he should do.

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