Paris Hilton Reveals Details About her Engagement to Carter Reum

Her body instantly began shaking and her eyes welled up with tears, Hilton recalled.

Credit: Courtesy of Paris Hilton/Instagram

Entrepreneur and DJ Paris Hilton is revealing all the fascinating details of her engagement to Carter Reum.

In a sneak peek at the premiere episode of her iHeartRadio podcast, "This Is Paris," Hilton, 40, echoes the sentiments of many women when she reveals that she had hoped Reum would propose, but she was greatly shocked when the proposal actually occurred.

Reum, 40, proposed to his girlfriend as they enjoyed a day out on a private island to celebrate their February birthdays. However, during their first-anniversary celebration in December, Hilton thought Reum would propose to her at the time.

Hilton said she didn't say anything when it didn't happen but she was disappointed. Then, later on, after she dropped a few hints, she recalled Reum telling her, "When I do ask you, it's going to be something even more amazing than this, so you'll see soon."

As part of the proposal, Reum instructed Hilton to get dressed up so that they could take some photographs together. He then promptly asked her to marry him when they reached the beach.

Her body instantly began shaking and her eyes welled up with tears, Hilton recalled. It made the moment even more precious when Reum said their families also made the trip.

Hilton has more in store for the future as she planned to take Reum's last name. Besides that, she said she was looking forward to starting a family together.

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