Joke — The Hot Taxi Driver and The Gorgeous Nun

"First, you must be single, and second, you must be Catholic."

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On a hot summer evening, a pretty nun waited by the side of the road for a taxi. It took a short while before a taxi arrived and picked her up.

As she rode, the nun noticed that the driver, who was really hot, had his eyes on her.

After asking him why, the driver replied that he would like to ask her something, but that he did not want to make her feel offended.

The nun said, "I can't be offended by you. After being a nun for a long time, I've heard pretty much everything."

After a moment of silence, the driver responded, "Well, I've always dreamed of having a nun give me a hard blow**b. Is it possible for you to do it for me?"

She said, "Hmm, I thought we could work something out if two conditions were met. First, you must be single, and second, you must be Catholic."

The driver responded immediately, "Oh yeah, I'm single and a Catholic!"

The nun said, "Perfect, let's go there."

After pulling into the alley, the nun began her work. A few moments later, the driver began to cry.

The nun said, "My child, what's wrong?"

With tears in his eyes, he said, "I lied to you sister. I am actually married, and I am Jewish."

To which the nun responded, "No problem. My name is actually Andrew, and I am on the way to a costume party!"

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Credit: Uni Jokes

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