See Acclaimed Actor Orlando Bloom Goes Swimming Naked

Orlando Bloom once flaunted his manhood while paddleboarding with Katy Perry.

And in an Instagram post shared with his legions of fans on Sunday, the actor showed just how much he loves that feeling of freedom by going nude yet again.

Orlando showed off his peach-covered backside after swimming in a picturesque rural setting and displaying his impressive frame.

Credit: Courtesy of Orlando Bloom/Instagram

Orlando was naked at least to the waist up in a picture and video he uploaded of himself swimming in what looked like either a lake or a peaceful river.

The video shows him completing a backstroke, then standing up in shallow water and going back to the surface to brush his hair back.

The actor can be heard saying, "So Amazing."

Orlando was pictured stripped down for a follow-up shot, but it was unclear whether he was sporting bathing trunks or without them.

The star had an emoji of a peach covering his bare bottom as he smiled and gave a thumbs up.

The area looked like a campground, and a lot of people were gathered on the other side. But the clothing over his genital region prevented him from flashing them in public.

Orlando merely used emojis of water drops as a caption, leaving the images and video to speak for themselves.

Fans were delighted with the post and left tons of funny remarks.

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