Ed Sheeran Admits he Feels Like an Outsider in Pop Music World

"My peers largely, I feel, in the pop scene often don't want me to succeed"
Credit: Ed Sheeran/Instagram

Ed Sheeran has talked openly about his place within the music industry and expressed his frustration about not feeling accepted by other pop stars.

Ed's fifth studio album "=" dropped a month ago and has already topped charts around the globe.

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Credit: Ed Sheeran/Instagram

Even so, the singer has admitted to feeling like an outsider in the pop music industry despite his commercial success.

"I'm not accepted by my genre," Ed told The Breakfast Club recently. "I thought it was quite telling that my album came out and the only people that emailed me in-depth about liking it were like Dave and Stormzy and people from the UK rap and UK grime scene."

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He added, "My peers largely, I feel, in the pop scene often don't want me to succeed. I've never felt accepted by my scene."

In 2004, Ed reportedly began recording music and independently released his first collection of work entitled "Spinning Man." The rest, as they say, is history.

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