Kanye West's Buzzcut is Tribute to Britney Spears' Shaved Head

"I'm fly and you know as a black man, your haircut means so much"

Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Kanye West ditched his old look for a new one recently. The rapper had used clippers to create an uneven edge to his hair. During a press conference, he explained the reason behind the change.

It was while he spoke to the Drink Champs podcast that he let everyone know just what was behind his new look as of late.

"The phobia of mental health, that's why I did this haircut. The declaration of insanity is a form of control… At first, I called it the Britney. Now they can call it the Ye."

The rapper added, "The fact that my haircut and my [new] name came at the same time was something. This was harder than wearing the Trump hat because my image [is important]. I'm fly and you know as a black man, your haircut means so much."

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Ye, who recently released his new album "Donda," elaborated that he is a process artist, so the hair is an expression of his evolving thoughts.

The rapper is clearly alluding to the incident in 2007, during which Britney Spears clipped off her hair after leaving rehab and Kevin Federline refused to let her see her children.

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