Here's What Machine Gun Kelly Considers His Ultimate Success

In an interview recently, Machine Gun Kelly shared a touching story about his father recognizing his music and bonding over a song.

Credit: Machine Gun Kelly/Instagram

During an interview with Billboard, the hitmaker discussed his relationship with his father.

MGK said, "In that moment, when he acknowledged my music and we bonded over a song, it gave me the richest memory I'll ever have."

"To me, that was the ultimate success," he added. "And everything else that preceded that in our relationship didn't matter because we had finally made it."

The musician's father died in July 2020, and afterward he told British GQ he would like to apologize to him if he could.

"I'd say sorry to my father," MGK said at the time. "I have such a rule-abiding, amazing daughter and I was such a rule-breaking, (expletive) son."

He added, "I don't know how he did it, and I get why it took us 25 years to finally get along."

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