Lil Nas X Talks About The BET Awards' Nomination Snub

A disappointed Lil Nas X posted a message on Twitter.

Credit: Lil Nas X/Instagram

Following his omission from the nominee announcement at the BET Awards 2022, Lil Nas X is calling the network out for its disrespect.

Lil Nas X released three of the most popular songs last year. "Name," "Industry Baby," and "That's What I Want" are all high-profile hits.

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Credit: Lil Nas X/Instagram

However, it appears that the hitmaker won't be celebrating those songs at this year's BET Awards as he didn't make the cut for this year's nominations.

A disappointed Lil Nas X posted a message on Twitter. "Thank you BET Awards. An outstanding zero nominations again,” he wrote.

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Credit: Lil Nas X/Instagram

The longest-running number one song in music history "Old Town Road," another hit by Lil Nas X, also didn't win a trophy from BET.

Meanwhile, as "Old Town Road" topped the Hot 100 charts, Lil Nas X, who was born Montero Lamar Hill, came out as gay.

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